The year 2020 – Start

Imagine there was a documentary following you around.. filming your every move.
What would you do?

– Joe rogan
Memento mori
Memento Mori

The first week from the start of my 26th year on earth.

Do I feel different from the 25th? No.

But I’m surprisingly more optimistic about my chances at life.

I have repeatedly exposed myself to the contents here, I wish I’d seen it earlier but never late than never init.

Over the last year, I have asked and answered the questions, what do you want out of life.

I got and wrote down hundreds of answers, and they were all extensions of two major answers that stood out.

  • Financial freedom
  • Loving household

Financial freedom will come by providing value for the world and capturing some of it for myself.
I will be taking it as a game, so best believe I’m having fun while working on solving problems, creating value in a scalable way.

A loving household.
Happiness means so many things to so many people and I know what happiness means to me. We all need that support system, (this extends from family [First] to friends I can trust).

How do I get this?
A life of heavy constant development, Positioning myself to win without involving luck.

Let’s run this iteration for 10years and see where it gets us. [Could be $100M in networth OR $0].

Let’s have fun..shall we? I’ll write a review by 2030. God willing.

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