Life hits you.

Life hits you. Hits you hard. What do you do?

I started my real Entrepreneurial journey in 2019. Registered an Export company. Did thousands of Naira worth of Facebook and Google Ads. Put out content as much as I could.
Two months in, I got my first client. Yippee

Did my first Order, made my losses. Learned a little. Did another one, made some money. I saw the light and I’ll follow it.

I made my 2020 plans and strategy. It seemed to make sense. Then COVID knocks me in the face.
Export space crumbles, no flights. Two clients go out of business. The last one says Country’s banned Products.

Everybody has a plan until they are punched in the face. I just got punched in the face.

This isn’t Jeremiah complaining, just stating and documenting reality.

So I’m asking, what are my skills? What can I do? Do I have the motivation to enjoy the process?

What do I do? When life hits you. What do you do?

2 thoughts on “Life hits you.

  1. Pray hard, think hard, plan hard, re-direct, re-focus, wait, move, don’t lose your spirit’s strength. Listen and read only uplifting materials… keep going.

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