Lessons in Business Strategy – Okada wars

The Nigerian Tech Ecosystem is maturing. No better time to create and extract value than now.
From E-commerce to Fintech to Logistics startups, Big money is being pumped into the Tech ecosystem.
Clearly, it’s easy to see why. A population of 200M is such a big enticing market for any Entrepreneurial activity to take a stab.
In recent times, the hottest sectors are the Fintech and Logistics, and this piques the interest of Investors and Venture capitalists, much of whom are always on the lookout for the best deals and understandably have extreme FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Bike hailing Startups
Image: Pishondesigns

I have a big interest in technology and how it produces abundant value and wealth for those who can build a successful business around it.
Some of us look at it with disdain. Others, with envy.
Me? I want to know how successful business cracked the market, how they apply strategy to win over the competition and convert the underserved customers to paying customers. So I lent my voice to the recent Bike-hailing (Okada) war.

About a month back, the Gokada CEO made a post about the suspension of the service to smoothen their Operations and produce a better experience for the customer, which is something I really respect.
Twitter went agog with different people lending their voices with tweets and posts. So I studied and lent my voice to it.

Image of Tweet activity

My Twitter Thread resonated and made numbers. 194,099 impressions and 6,923 engagements and replies.
My handle added about 400 followers in the next one week.
To Check out the twitter thread, Click this link @jsbabasanmi

Kindly follow and I’d love your opinion and feedback on the topic as regards general business strategy.

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