I Learnt how to swim in One Hour. This is how.

I learnt how to swim in 1hour. I will teach you.
Before now, I have tried unsuccessfully for two years.

I have registered with two trainers and pool at different times and it’s been unsuccessful.

I went to the pool today and I swam, swam really well. Better than folks who have been swimming before I did, so I’m a beginner expert.

Let me teach you how to get to the swimming basics. Number one rule is,

“Get rid of your fear.”

I can stop here and the lecture is over.

But I need to tell you the details right. So Leggo.

PSA: Very important. Make sure you have a trainer there with you.

Step 1: The first thing you’ll need to learn is how to hold your breath underwater.

This is how you do it, Go to the short end of the pool. Hold the railing and sit down inside the pool, your head submerged under the water, open your eyes and hold your breath. Keep doing this until you can hold your breath for 30seconds or more, at a stretch.

This is really important to help you learn how to hold your breathe and open your eyes, which is very very vital.
You don’t want to breathe underwater and you also want to be able to see under the water.

Do this for 10/15 mins at 15seconds rest intervals.

Make sure you have a trainer there with you. “Second time for emphasis”

When you are done with that, let’s go to the next step.

Step 2: Hold the railing tight. Try to float. This is how you float. Keep your head below your leg underwater lying straight.

The first time, you won’t be able to float, but after about 10 times, you’d noticed you are floating, at least to an extent.

Step 3: let’s teach you how to flap your legs.
Don’t worry about how hands yet. You will need your hands later.

So with your hands on the railing, you lie straight in the water like the previous time, keep your feet straight from your ankles, this will help you to beat the water at a good angle to help you stay afloat, now flap your legs and you’d notice you can flap your legs for a few seconds before your legs sink, however, continue doing this until you can flap your legs without going down for a minute or more.

Step 3b: After Learning how to Flap your legs, release your hands from the railings and keep flapping your legs

Step 4: Let’s swim.
Go to the Short end of the pool, get your trainer in front of you.
With one leg by the wall, and the other leg standing in the pool. Keep your hands out straight.

Propel yourself into the water, Your hands straight touching the person in front of you.
Don’t move your hands, close your eyes..just concentrate on flapping your legs.
Touching the person in front of you, and do this about 10times.
Make sure someone’s in front of you so you don’t hit your head on the wall.

After 20mins, do the above but now open your eyes.
Flap your legs, open your eyes. Now, your head is under the water, your legs are flapping, your eyes are open. Don’t worry about hands. As at this time, your leg is under the water, you are flapping your legs Wow. You are moving, it’s surprising. you are moving. You’ve won. You’ve won already.

I’m sure you are tired.
Get out of the pool, grab a bottle of water, drink. Rest for like 20mins.

Get back in the water again. I’m sure you’d have forgotten a little bit of the former lessons.

So start all over again. Sit down in the pool for 30seconds, Opening your eyes.
Next, put your hands on the railing and start to float then try to flap your legs.

Get someone in front of you, propel yourself into the water but this time, put your fingers together, move your hands from front to back, alternatively. From front to back. Front to back.

When you do this for the next hour. Max in 3 hours in total. You are now a Basic swimmer. Congrats Micheal Phelps.

This was how I learnt in one hour, I basically saw someone do this and replicated the same. It worked well.

Will post a Part two, my journey towards expert level

I’m sure a lot of things in life follow the same Process, learn the process and Get in the Pool until you figure it out.

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