I had a Lazy first six months. What about yours?

It’s been a beautiful First half of the year, I have learned a lot, grown bigger and better. But it feels like all I did was play, eat and play.

 I have gone from front-end developer, Project manager of a failed Project, DigiSolar and Locum Pharmacist to being a “hmmm”.

  It has been a great learning experience and heading into the next 6 months,

– I currently liaise with investors for funding for our startup, from creating Investments pack to developing financial models. I’m probably doing a shitty job.

– Work as a Network and Growth hacker at myPharmacy.

– Run a small business on the side.

– Work with the Project committee of the Young Pharmacists group.

– Continue to serve my country as a National Youth service corp.

 What I have learned and still learning

– Working at a startup is so hard, especially one that is not funded yet. but we move.

– Took Project Management courses and it was immediately useful, you should do too.

– Distribution is everything if you are starting a business, and you want to launch in 60 days, spend the first 30 days thinking about possible distribution channels, list them and try them out.

–  The Pharmaceutical space is currently heavily competed over, most young Pharmacists are late/unaware.

– Start that side-hustle that we fund your lifestyle in 3 years now. Every business takes a while to grow.

– Learn how to build your Minimum viable product yourself.

– The average founder isn’t smarter and does not work harder than you. They just probably read/learn more and have a larger network.

I will write a longer post to explain each one over the next few weeks.

Plans for the next 6 months..

“What is your 10-year plan, then do it in 6 months”.

Paul Graham

– Host a podcast because I love sharing ideas, and I do it best when speaking with intelligent minds

– Re-energize my confidence because, in the last one year, I have gotten a little reserved.

– Start a Business (es).

– Sleep less, because I’m the laziest person I know.

Favorite Quote: “If you want to a Philosopher king, first become a king then become a Philosopher” Nassim Taleb.

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