Product Experiment

I have ideas literally every time ; through introspection, during conversations with friends, checking random products on the internet and solving my own problems.

The deal is, I want to explore product launching and learning while doing.
So I’ve decided to take smaller bets with these characteristics.

  • Crypto-related Fintech, healthcare and Real estate spaces
  • Scalable into other markets without needing regulatory approvals
  • Need the lowest amount of people to run.
  • Smaller downside, with at least chance of 1,000X if it works

Experiment One:
UWatch: A quick way to invite, verify and authenticate visitors into estates, home, events and Offices.
It’s COVID season, visiting events, homes and offices needs to be on invite, probably after ascertaining visitors is invited, authenticated and safe.
We think this will continue after COVID, especially in Africa where hope of vaccines is lower and individualized safety will probably be the way to go.

Day 1: Created a one-pager PRD and strategy; it’s available here
Visited estate security to have a discussion about the idea… However, This is a Great idea !== I will use it and pay for it.

Day 2: On more research, it’s an amazing industry with foreign players. More excitement for me.
I will be using a no-code tool to build an MVP over this weekend.
MVP will allow code generation with invite messages and allow authentication. Web-based. Pricing is not sorted out yet.

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