Do you work hard?

Do you work hard?
Do you really work hard?
Are you exploring all your capabilities?

If Yes. Share this post, you can leave now
If No. You definitely must read on.

I am currently in the No category with you. Damn. *Group hugs*

Mind-mapping potential EMR Solution for a Friend. You can sense my skepticism.

We might currently be working, but we know deep in our hearts that we can do much more.

Why are we stalling? Is it because we are afraid of greatness? Or scared that we might not achieve our wishes so we decide not to try at all?

Scared of Judgement?

A real superpower is the ability to pay little attention to Judgement both from yourself and others.

So let’s do something, put your right hand on your chest and say, I will not care about other’s judgment… Especially in 2020.

I have stayed around short(Read long) enough to develop my ethics, my values…Jeremiah Babasanmi hereby does not care about your Opinions.

As long as I am Learning, Creating Solutions, (hope to) create Audio/Video Contents.
I also plan to do a little more of what I love which revolves around Product Management/Development.

“What do you want to spend 2020 doing? Write it down now.”

I did some fun stuff this last week, check them out here

  • I was on Brila FM to talk about Ulcer management. Check out the video session here.
  • I joined an amazing book club, BookHub started by an amazing friend of mine, Bukunmi Familoye. We had a Daycation at Omu resort and I had a great time. Pictures here.

Start this Month. Make it your New Year Resolution to Continue!!!!!


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