Determining Decisions

Life is just a series of decisions, made either from reflex or determinately. But they are made anyways.

From deciding the cloths you will wear for an interview to whom you will choose to spend the rest of your life with.

Those decisions however obviously make or break us, they determine the overall course of our lives.

We all wish there was an hack, to make great decisions., maybe there is. [If you know or have any you are following, please send to me at Jeremiah Babasanmi on twitter, help my life]

Should you move or stay in your current job? Should you leave that entrepreneurship life to paid work?

Knowing fully well, that life is full of uncertainties and you can’t totally plan its outcome.

And in between “follow your hearts” advice , “do work with the high level of leveraging” advice and “ go with the flow” advice.

We have to make those key decisions. Recently came across this in a book

What makes a decision great, is that it has a great outcome, combined with a great process that makes it replicable. It forms a system, that can be replace to get the same result barring unforeseen external factor

So what I try to do is investing in Learning (either by reading, apprenticeship and mentoring) and Doing (actually doing the work).

This seem to be a common trait that most high achievers have in common.

What the Exact actions to be taken will differs based on which field you play in..

How do you make your determining decisions?

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