Jeremiah Babasanmi

Hey, 👋 I’m Jeremiah

I serve as a founder of an Export co and currently launching a couple of other products. I’m easy to reach. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Stealth Company Co-founder. 2021.
Wallion Exports Founder. 2019 – Present.
Opacus Technologies Head of Product 2020 Product manager. Growth. 2018 – 2019 Operations at 2019
Pharmacist/Student Pharmacist. 2018

Graduated a Pharmacist (B. Pharm 2017).
Two years ago, I made a pivot in technology, first as a self-taught Front-end web developer then working as a Product Manager at Health-tech companies. See my LinkedIn.

I have gained valuable experience in strategy, Project/Product management & starting new Ventures.

Worked as an Early Employee at, Product & Growth at myPharmacy and Head of product at Pronov.

Check my resume to know what I have done, plus my small wins and Failures.

What can I have 5 hours of non-stop conversation about?
Ornamental fishes
Front-end development.

I’m Nigerian, I love (love) Ornamental fishes and I’m usually always scheming, building ideas out.

Twitter: jsbabasanmi